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Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

MS Group provides reverse engineering solutions in which we create 3D digital image of a component to make, analyze and test a prototype. We have advanced CAD/CAM/CAE software related to reverse engineering. Classic Exports is leading manufacturers and suppliers of Mitsubishi Automobile Parts, BMW Automobile Parts and Nissan Automobile Parts.

Most of the time, buyers provide only samples of an auto component and not the drawings. In such cases, our reverse engineering solutions provide customers with complete solutions related to:

  • The preparation the drawings
  • Testing of samples for material specifications
  • Special testing to test proper functioning of component
  • Economical processing of the development and production

We digitally share the information about the parts to the customer before prototype production. This assists customers to ask craftsmen for making designs in the model shop that will be exactly the same in either the design center or the assembly point.