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Corporate Governance

MS Auto Parts is a leading manufacturer and supplier of automotive spare parts. Our company follows the international best practices and policies for the administration of the organization. All the policies are drafted for the benefits of the company's stakeholders including board of partner employees, suppliers, customers and bankers as well as environment and the community, at large.

Legal & Ethical Conduct

The company complies fully with all the laws governing its operations in order to conduct its affairs as per the highest legal and ethical standards. This compliance aims to receive recognition as a good corporate citizenship and a law-abiding enterprise. The pursuance of this policy proves that the company maintain integrity in all of its interactions with partners, employees, customers, suppliers, local communities, government and the general public.

Corporate Governance Guidelines

The company appoints a Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee to evaluate the independence of each Partner on annual basis. The company makes an affirmative determination about the independence of the various directors. The company establishes guidelines to determine Partner independence as per set guidelines, viz on:

  • Partner Qualifications
  • Term Limits
  • Retirement Age
  • Simultaneous Service on Other Company Boards or Groups
  • Changes in Primary Employment
  • Attributes and Experience
  • Partner Responsibilities

Annual Performance Evaluation

The company through Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee conducts an annual self-evaluation or even periodic evaluation to determine whether its committees are functioning effectively or not.

Conflicts & Interest

As per the company long-established policy, all employees avoid any situation that conflicts employees' personal interests and the interests of the Company. Classic Exports does not interfere with the rights of employees to engage in outside business or other activities, if do not conflict with employees' obligations to the company.

Some of the situations would be regarded contrary to company policy:

  • Outside work as a director, officer, employee, agent with any prospective competitor, customer, supplier, Partner or licensee without the prior written permission
  • Any stock or other financial interest held by an employee in any present or prospective competitor, customer, supplier, Partner or license

A few other activities that would be regarded as unethical and contrary to company policy are:

  • Borrowings by an employee from present or prospective competitors, customers, suppliers, Partners or licensees.
  • The divulging of confidential information of the company to unauthorized outsiders
  • Purchases of stock or other securities of any entity with whom the company does business
  • Former employees of the company calling on the company in a sales capacity within two years after their employment terminated.

Conduct Policy

MS Auto Parts has adopted standards of conduct, which provides guidance to personnel in recognizing and dealing with ethical issues. It helps them to maintain a culture of integrity, honesty and accountability. It is every employee's obligation to learn and apply these rules and asks questions in case of any unclarity.

These standards of conduct apply to all officers, Partner and employees of MS Auto Parts. Each officer, Partner and employee is responsible for complying with the policy statements. These relate to issues like:

  • Fair Dealing
  • Confidentiality and Asset Protection
  • Compliance with Export and Import Laws and Regulations
  • Electronic Communications
  • Corporate Opportunities
  • Insider Trading
  • Customers and Suppliers: Entertainment, Gratuities, and Other Courtesies
  • Work Environment
  • Environment, Health & Safety
  • Every Employee's Role